Our studio & film making process is built for you. You’ll collaborate with our world-renowned fundamental thoughts & principles to architects your clear goal about life. To plan every detail without breaking your daily busy schedule.

Let your work speaks & reach to every part of the globe.

Envision Film Studio (A Production House) a media company that specializes in creating content for the next generation that is real and social. Most of the content is written, directed and produced & consulted by the 'Envision Film Studio' team, where young people work closely with industry professionals to achieve award-winning results. We also showcase films made by our team in training and by some of the most exciting filmmakers across the world. Our aim is to give platform to new film makers to showcase their work at international platform.

Your dream + our process

Submissions: Films can be submitted to the channel, all submissions are approved by our 'Envision Film Studio' panel. If you want one of your films featured, then contact

It’s a thrill when you see your action giving you satisfaction. Our experts are internationally recognized as actor & filmaker. 

We don’t set objective until you approve our GOAL to the very last detail. And thanks to our patented three-step process, we’re confident you’ll love our Camera.